Tax Consultant 2019-2020

Released Tax Consultant unlimited version 4.00 (Updated as per new amendment dated 12/05/2019) (FY 2016-17 to 2027-28) for the Income Tax calculation and preparation of Income Tax Antecipatory Statement, Final Statement, Monthly TDS Statement, Form 12BB, Form 16 and Form 10E. This software can be used for Twelve Financial Years from 2016-17 onwards. It is completely different from the previous years. You can change every thing..

New Features:

  • Updated form16 and Statement as per Incometax amendment dated 12/05/2019.
  • Extended period to Twelve years
  • Added provision to enter deduction u/s 10 under Tax Relief menu
  • Extended provision to select tax relief section four to Six
  • Extended provision to enter 10E relief for the past 14 years
  • Combine data function 

The main features are,

  • User can Customise the Tax Rate, Tax Percentage,10E Tax Rate, DA Rate, Header Title etc using General settings icon.
  • Retains previous years tax rate and 10E tax rate .
  • Option to enter periodical rent details 
  • Option to edit Header Title, DA% and Tax Rates
  • Set Default option to restore the default settings in one click
  • Introduced Software Assistant to familiarise the software for first use
  • Data import button to import data from previous versions
  • Can add up to 100 employees
  • Add, Edit and Delete function
  • Popup window to easily each section under Tax Relief.
  • Highly validated and more user friendly
  • Attractive Design 

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TDS Consultant 2015-16

TDS Consultant 2016  Ver 2.33 (Updated on 27/11/2015)- An updated excel based software utility for the calculation of monthly TDS, Preparation of TDS Quarterly Return Forms, TDS Statement, Tax Statement, Form16 and Form 10E of employees.

  • Experience the power of Excel
  • One software for all 100 employees. ie it replaces 1500 files
  • User restricted access
  • Need only drwan salary entry
  • Add, edit and delete function
  • Get data and Fill data function
  • Data Import and Clear Data Facility
  • Need less than 30 minutes required for finding TDS of about 100 employees...
  • Quarterly return forms....
  • Auto Fill function.
  • Salary Edit function to edit and view Salary &Arrears of the selected employee.

Note:Read user guide First befor using the software

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Tax Consultant 2016 Ver 1.34 Released

Tax Consultant 2016 Ver 1.34 (Updated on 05-03-2016) An excel based software utility for the calculation of Income Tax, Preparation of  Tax Statement, Form16 and Form 10E of employees for the FY 2015-16

  • Introduced 'Software Assistant' to familiarize the software.
  • Added General seting option to set salary month, rounding options and form16 print out options.
  • Experience the power of Excel
  • Simplified and more user friendly.
  • One file is needed for 100 employees..
  • Can protect data entry with password.
  • Can import data from TDS consultant & Tax consultant with one click.
  • It avoids data re entry when an updated version relesed.
  • Use like a software with Add, edit and delete function.
  • Highly validated to avoid errors..
  • Can Prepare 10E with two entries..
  • Attractive Graphic

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