TDS Consultant 2015-16

TDS Consultant 2016  Ver 2.33 (Updated on 27/11/2015)- An updated excel based software utility for the calculation of monthly TDS, Preparation of TDS Quarterly Return Forms, TDS Statement, Tax Statement, Form16 and Form 10E of employees.

  • Experience the power of Excel
  • One software for all 100 employees. ie it replaces 1500 files
  • User restricted access
  • Need only drwan salary entry
  • Add, edit and delete function
  • Get data and Fill data function
  • Data Import and Clear Data Facility
  • Need less than 30 minutes required for finding TDS of about 100 employees...
  • Quarterly return forms....
  • Auto Fill function.
  • Salary Edit function to edit and view Salary &Arrears of the selected employee.

Note:Read user guide First befor using the software

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