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Pay Fixation Consultant Ver 2.10- For the fixation of pay of Govt.Employees and Teachers, Kerala Water Authority Staff, and University Staff in the revised scale as per  X pay revision order vide G.O.(P) No.7/2016/Fin dated 20/01/2016 and University Employees as per GO(P) No.10/2016/Fin dated 21/01/2016

Date 14-07-2015
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Pay Fixation Consultant - User Guide: A step to step illustrated user guide to Pay Fixation Consultant software Ver 1.60

Date 14-07-2015
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KWA Option Finder Version 1.5',it is now easy to find the best option date in  all possible options for fixation of pay of KWA Employees as per GO(P)No.58/2012/Fin dated 19/1/2012 and KWA/JB/E1/1354/2012 dated 21/3/2012.

Date 27-03-2012
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KWA Pay Reiser - Excel work sheet for fixation of pay in the revised scale as per GO(P)No.58/2012/Fin dated 19/1/2012 for those employees who entered in service on or after 1/7/2009.
Date 14-03-2012
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KWA Pay Fixator -Final version 15
Excel Work Sheet for Fixation of Pay of KWA Employees in the revised scale as per GO(P)No.58/2012/Fin dated 19/1/2012. Including option facility as per order No.KWA/JB/E1/1354/12 dated 21/3/2012
  • Option for Grade or Promotion fixation (Rule 28A and 37A)
  • Indian Rupee Symbol included.
  • Print statement.
  • Print Option form.
Prepared by: Sri. M.P.Saffeeq, UDC, Kerala Water Authority, Kozhikode.-9
Date 17-02-2012
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Fix Your Pay -The All in One Software for Pay Fixation, after rectifying the errors in the draft statement and  incorporating the changes as per G. O. (P) No.143/2011/Fin. dated 30/03/2011, is released on 23-4-2011. In this version provision for taking print-outs of Option Form (both filled-in and blank) and Statement of Pay Fixation as per AG, Kerala were also provided.

Date 25-03-2011
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(Updated on 9-4-2011) - Find best option for the fixation of pay in the revised scale of pay vide Pay revision 2009. In this version, Rule 28 (A), Rule 37 (a), Rule 30 (Promotion from an HG scale to same or higher scale), promotion to identical scale are also incorporated.

Date 14-03-2011
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Pay Fixation Assistant -Final (Updated on 17-3-2011) We modified the trial version 1 and 2, errors were rectified  and released this final version. Hence you are  requested to  uninstall  the previous trial version before installing final version.
Date 09-03-2011
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