Earned Leave [Rule 78]

  • Earned eave admissible to permanent employee is one-eleventh of the period  spent on duty [Rule 78]
  • Maximum earned leave accumulated at a time does not exceed 300 days.
  • Maximum Earned leave granted at a time is 180 days [Rule 79]
  • Earned leave is not admissible to an officer in permanent employ serving  in a vacation department in respect of duty performed in any year in which he avails himself of the full vacation. [Rule 80]
  • Earned leave admissible to an officer in permanent employ serving in a vacation department, in respect of any year in which he is prevented from availing himself of the full vacation, is such proportion of 30 days as the number of days of vacation not taken bears to the full vacation.[Rule 81]
  • An officer not in permanent employee, the earned leave of the first year of service  admissible is 1/22 of the period spent on duty.[Rule 86]
  • Whenever the rate of earning leave changes, the fraction in the earned leave accumulated at the earlier rate should be rounded off to the nearest day i.e., fraction below half should be ignored and that of half and more should be reckoned as a day. [Rule 86, Note:2]
  • An officer not in permanent employ who has completed three years of continuos service, eligible for recasting Earned leave at the rate of 1/11 for the period spent on duty for the first year service as admissible to permanent employee [Rule 86A]
  • Leave salary admissible is full salary  admissible had he been on duty during the period of leave. [Rule 92]
  • Hill Tract  Allowance, House Rent Allowance and City Compensatory Allowance admissible from time to time will be payable during periods  of all leave with allowances, if the total period  of such leave at a time does not exceed 180 days or if the actual duration of the leave exceeds 180 days for the first 180 days of such leave [Rule 93(iii)]

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