Anticipatory Income Tax Utility 2020-21
Tax Consultant unlimited version 5.01 for the Income Tax calculation and preparation of Income Tax Statement, Form 16, Form 10E and exporting of Annexure-II. This software can be used for ten Financial Years from 2016-17 onwards.
KWA Salary Assistant
Excel Utility for the Preparation of Salary Bill and Connected documents of KWA Employees
Water Analysis Assistant Ver 4.40
Water Analysis Result Printing and Exporting utility for Quality Control Laboratories in Kerala Water Authority
Pay Fixation Consultant 2.10
Fixation of Pay of Kerala Govt. Employees and Teachers, UGC Staff & KWA Employees

Special Casual Leave to undergo Chemotherapy or Radiation, heart surgery and organ/Kidney Transplantation

  • Introduced in 2009 Pay Revision w.e.f. 26-02-2011 vide GO(P)No.85/2011/Fin Dated 26/02/2011 and Amendment vide GO(P)No.508/2012/Fin dated 22/09/2012
  • Special Casual Leave for a period not exceeding 45 days in a calendar year may be granted to those employees who undergo Chemotherapy/Radiation, heart surgery and organ/Kidney Transplantation on production of a Medical certificate from the authorised Medical Officer to cover the actual period required for Chemotherapy/Radiation and Kidney Transplantation followed by post transplantation recovery.
  • Enhanced Special Casual Leave upto six months to undergo Chemotherapy or Radiation vide GO(P)No.447/2013/Fin dated 09/09/2013.
  • Applicable to employees under Public Sector Undertaking vide GO(P)No.211/2014/Fin Dated 06/06/2014
  • The leave may be allowed to be combined with leave defined in Rule 77(i) KSR I (ie Earned Leave, Half Pay Leave, Commuted Leave, Leave Not Due and Leave Without Allowance ) and ordinary Casual Leave.
  • The period of Special Casual Leave shall be exclusive of intervening public holidays.
  • The leave may be availed of on more than one ocation, in a calendar year, if needed, but altogether it must not exceed 45 days in a calendar year.

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