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Maternity, Miscarriage & Hysterectomy Leave [Rule 100]

  •  A  competent authority may grant to a female officer, maternity leave on full pay for a period of 180 days from the date of its commencement [Rule 100]
  •  Maternity leave is also admissible to temporary female officers [Rule 100 Note:1]
  • The female candidates undergoing pre-appointment stipendiary training may be allowed leave for maternity purpose to the extent envisaged under this rule on full rate of stipend admissible [Note:3]
  •  Maternity leave  shall be admissible to provisional female recruits continuing in service in a single department beyond one year provided they would continue in service but for proceeding on such leave. [Note:4]
  • Female recruits through Public Service Commission who join duty within 180 days from their date of delivery (otherwise than on account of miscarriage) shall, on joining, be granted from the next day the balance portion of maternity leave admissible as on the date of joining duty, subject to the following condictions: [Note:5]
    •  Holidays/vacation falling immediately after the date of joining service cannot be prefixed to the leave.
    •  A certificate from the medical officer who attended the delivery showing the date of delivery along with the medical certificate of health as prescribed in Rule 13, Part I of Kerala Service Rules should be produced
  •  Female Officers on maternity leave who get appointment in another Department or in the same Department by direct recruitment or by transfer or by promotion shall be allowed to avail the balance portion of maternity leave from the next day of  her joining duty in the new post or department subject to the maximum period of leave admissible under this rule including intervening holidays and vacation, in both the departments or posts together, shall be 180 days [Note:6]
  • Maternity leave may be combined with leave of any other kind but leave applied for in continuation of the former may be granted only if the request be supported by a medical certificate [Rule 102]
  • No medical certificate shall be necessary for grant of any leave for a period not exceeding sixty days in continuation of maternity leave.
  • Leave under Rule 100 above may also  be granted to female officers in cases of miscarriage including abortion subject to the condition that the leave does not exceed six weeks and application for the leave is supported by a certificate from the medical attendant. [Rule 101]
  • Leave under rule 100 may also be granted to female officers in cases of hysterectomy subject to the condition that the leave does not exceed 45 days and application for the leave is supported by a certificate from the medical attendent [Rule 101A]
  • Maternity period reckoned as duty for all purpose including probation [KS&SSR, Part-I, Rule.2(6)(g)]

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