Tax Consultant Unlimited Ver 4.10
Tax Consultant unlimited version (FY 2019-20) for the Income Tax calculation and preparation of Income Tax Statement, Form 16 and Form 10E. This software can be used for ten Financial Years from 2016-17 onwards. It is completely different from the previous years
MEDISEP -Implementation Order
Medical Insurance Scheme to State Govt.Employees and Pensioners (MEDISEP) - Implementation through Reliance General Insurance Company Ltd - Orders issued vide GO(P)87/2019/Fin Dated 15/07/2019
Daily Wages Rate Enhanced w.e.f 01/07/2019
Kerala Govt. has enhanced daily wages rate of various categories w.e.f.and introduced new criteria for the payment vide Order GO(P)No.81/2019/Fin dated 09/07/2019.
KAS Amendment 2019
Kerala Administrative Service (KAS) Amendment Rule 2019 vide Gazette Notification GO(P)No.4/2019 P&ARD Dated 11/07/2019
Water Analysis Assistant Ver 4.40
Water Analysis Result Printing and Exporting utility for Quality Control Laboratories in Kerala Water Authority
Pay Fixation Consultant 2.10
Fixation of Pay of Kerala Govt. Employees and Teachers, UGC Staff & KWA Employees
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Vide GO(P) No.94/2019/Fin Dated 03/12/2019, Clarification orders has been issued that maximum allowable air rate for LTC shall not exceed Rs.10000/- upto an aerial distance of 2500 KM.Beyond that aerial distance, where there is direct flight, the ceiling shall be Rs. 10,000/- and if there is change of flights involved above 2500 km distance, the limit shall be Rs. 15,000/-.

Date 09-12-2019
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KSR Amendment (Twelth) 2019  vide GO(P)No.165/2019/Fin Dated 27/11/2019 - The period of interruption in the service on account of participation in strike is treated as 'Dies-Non', count for pension as qualifying service.

Date 03-12-2019
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Vide Circular No.92/2019/Fin Dated 26/11/2019, direction has been issued for the monthly recovery of Chief Ministers Distress Relief Fund from interested employees till retirement or upto the month decided by the employee.

Date 29-11-2019
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Vide GO(P)No.159/2019/Fin dated 18-11-2019, orders issued for the renewal of Group Personal Accidental Insurance Scheme for the year 2020.

Date 19-11-2019
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Pay Revision Commission constituted vide Order No.GO(MS)414/Fin Dated 06/11/2019 to study and make recommendations on revising the pay and allowances and other benefits of the State Government employees including teaching and non-teaching staff of Aided educational institutions, local bodies, etc. The Commission sha1l submit its report within a period of six months.

Date 07-11-2019
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Special Casual leave for 30 days has been santioned vide GO(P) No.153/2019/Fin dated 06/11/2019 to Government Employees who undergo angioplasty subject to the conditions under rule 19 section II, Appendix VII, Part I, Kerala Service Rule

Date 07-11-2019
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