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Vide GO(P)No.4/2011/Fin Dated 03/01/2011, Govt have enhanced the duration of absence of four month from the country for visiting children abroad  to a period not exceeding six month.

Date 10-10-2019
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Vide GO(P)No.418/2008/Fin Dated 16/09/2008, Govt have enhanced the duration of absence of one month from the country for visiting abroad for Personal/Private purpose to a period not exceeding four month.

Date 10-10-2019
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Vide GO(P)No.233/2008/Fin Dated 03/06/2008, Govt have clarified that, No need to obtain Govt sanction in the case of Private visit abroad on eligible leave including casual leave.

Date 10-10-2019
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Amendment in KSR Rule 86A vide GO(P)No.75/2007/Fin Dated 27/02/2007 - Notwithstanding anything contained in Rules 84, 86, 88 (ii) and 90, an officer not in permanent employ who has completed three years of continuos service shall be eligible for (i) commutted leave, (ii) earned leave and (iii) leave without allowances as would be admissible to him if he had held his post substantively

Date 01-09-2019
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GO(P)No.211/2014/Fin Dated 06/06/2014 - Enhancement of Special Casual leave to undergo chemotherapy/Radiation to employees in Public Sector Undertaking - Orders.

Date 19-06-2014
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GO(P)No.447/2013/Fin Dated 09/09/2013 - Enhanced Special Casual Leave from 45 days to six months to Undergo Chemotherapy/Radiation -Orders.


Date 19-06-2014
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GO(P)No.334/2011/Fin Dated 06/08/2011 - Guideline regarding Special Casual Leave for 45 days to Undergo Chemotherapy/Radiation and Kidney Transplantation - Guideline. Enhanced Leave days to Six Months vide GO(P)No.447/2013/Fin Dated 9/9/2013. Download latest file.

Date 19-06-2014
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GO(P)No.2010/2012/Fin dated 4/4/2012 - Public Sector Undertakings which follow Kerala Service Rules - Grant of Special Casual Leave upto 15 Days for the employed parents of physically/mentally challenged children -order.

Date 09-07-2012
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GO(P)No.333/2011/Fin Dated 6/8/2011 -Special Casual leave to Employed Parents of Physically/Mentally Challenged Children -Guide lines

Date 09-07-2012
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GO(P)No.342/2011/Fin Dated 11/08/2011 - Guidelines on Paternity Leave

Date 08-07-2012
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