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Vide GO(P) No.713/2012/Fin Dated 31/12/2012, order has been issued for the introduction of Leave Travel Concession (LTC) to State Govt Employees.

Date 22-02-2021
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Vide circular No.62/91/Fin Dated 22/11/1991, clarified that only actual journey time will be admissible on request transfer.

Date 03-11-2020
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Vide GO(P) No.94/2019/Fin Dated 03/12/2019, Clarification orders has been issued that maximum allowable air rate for LTC shall not exceed Rs.10000/- upto an aerial distance of 2500 KM.Beyond that aerial distance, where there is direct flight, the ceiling shall be Rs. 10,000/- and if there is change of flights involved above 2500 km distance, the limit shall be Rs. 15,000/-.

Date 10-12-2019
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Vide GO(P)No.05/2013/Fin dated 02/01/2013, Govt have issued guideline for availing Leave Travel Concession to Kerala Govt Employees.

Date 14-11-2019
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Vide GO(P)No.150/2019/Fin Dated 05/11/2019, cancelled GO dated 06/09/2019 and  revised instruction issued for the submission of TA Bills. Any employee whose TA bill exceeds monthly/quarterly ceiling, shall submit the originals of train ticket /copy of flight ticket attached to the TA bill, for admitting such claims. This requirement would apply to all those employees who have now been permanently exempted from TA ceiling or given one time exemption.

Date 11-11-2019
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Vide GO(P)No.137/2016/Fin Dated 09/09/2016, revised monthly/quaeterly travelling allowance ceilings of State govt Employees w.e.f. 09/09/2016.

Date 11-11-2019
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Vide Circular No.78/2018/Fin Dated 18/08/2018, Govt have clarified that, the travelling allowance ceiling as per order GO(P)No.137/2016/Fin Dated 09/09/2016 is applicable to Drivers also.

Date 25-10-2019
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Vide GO(P)No.6/2013/GAD Dated 09/01/2013, orders issued for sactioning Travelling Allowance and Daily Allowance for journey performed for PSC Verification.

Date 20-10-2019
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