Income Tax Utility Ver 7.20 (2024-25)
Tax Consultant unlimited version 7.20 for FY 2024-25
KWA Salary Assistant
Excel Utility for the Preparation of Salary Bill and Connected documents of KWA Employees
Water Analysis Assistant Ver 4.40
Water Analysis Result Printing and Exporting utility for Quality Control Laboratories in Kerala Water Authority

Earned Leave Surrender for 2024-'25 Sanctioned order issued

Vide GO(P) No.23/2024/Fin Dated 16/03/2024, Orders issued to credit the Earned Leave Surrender for the year 2024-25 in the Provident Fund w.e.f 01/04/2024 and this cannot be permitted to withdrawn till 31/03/2028. Those employees including provisional hands who do not have Provident fund,Last Grade Employees & Part-time contingent employees will be paid in cash w.e.f 01/04/2024. This order will be applicable to the employees of Universities, Autonomous Bodies, Grant in Aid Institutions, Statutory Undertakings, Welfare Boards, Apex Societies and Public Sector Undertakings. 

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