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Joining Time [Rule 125, Part-I, KSR]

Joining time may be granted to an officer 

  • To join a new post to which he is appointed while on duty in his old post [Rule 125(a)]
  • To join a new post,on return from earned leave [Rule 125(b) (i)]. Joining time under Rule 125 (b) (i) will be admissible only in cases where an officer has proceeded on and has returned from earned leave proper and is posted to join a new post [Ruling No.1 to Rule 125]
  • When he has not had sufficient notice of his appointment to the new post, on return from leave other than that specified in Subclause (i) [Rule 125(b) (ii)]
  • An officer deputed for training will be allowed for the onward and return journey time actually required, between the place of training and the station from/to which he proceeds, and the time so taken will be treated as part of deputation period for training [Note 1 ]

Joining Time for Transfer

  • No joining time is admissible in cases where the change of post does not involve an actual change of office. [Rule 126]
  • Not more than one day is allowed to an officer in order to join a new post when the distance between two places is less than 8 Kilometers. A holiday or Sunday count as a day for the purpose of this rule. [126]
  • In the case of "on request" trasfer, no joining time will be admissible. Actual journey time will be allowed. [Circular No.62/1991/Fin Dated 22/11/1991]
  • Joining time is admissible for Transfers based on options submited by the officer as per General Transfer norms [ Circular No.72/2019/Fin Dated 08/08/2019]
  • When holiday(s) follow(s) joining time, the normal joining time may be deemed to have been extended to cover such holiday(s).[Rule 126A]
  • When officers are transferred while on leave, joining time need be reckoned only from the date following the holiday(s), if any, suffixed to leave with the permission of the leave sanctioning authority unless otherwise directed inthe transfer order.{Ruling to Rule 126A]
  • Maximum period of joining time is limited to 30 days [Rule 127]
  • A Sunday does not count as a day for the purpose of the calculationsin this rule, but Sundays are included in the maximum period of 30days.[Rule 127(e)]

Joining Time Calculation

  • Joining time for transfer beyond 8 km is 6 Days preparation time + Actual journey time
  • Allowed Journey time One day for each of  the portion of the journey which he travels,
    • By railway -  500 kilometres
    • By ocean steamer -  350 kilometres
    • By river steamer - 150 kilometres
    • By motor vehicles -  150 Kilometres
    • Or by conveyance plying for public hirein any other way -  25 kilometres
  • Journey by Aircraft - Actual time is allowed

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