Rounding & Calculation of Qualifying Service for Pension

As per the Latest Amendment of Rule 57, 64 & 65 of KSR, Part III vide GO(P) No.145/2020/Fin Dated 30/10/2020, Calculation of qualifying service and Rounding of fraction of a year etc. has been retained. Following are the steps to be followed in calculating qualifying service.

  •  Find the number of completed Calendar year of service
  • Then find number of completed Calendar Month of service
  • Then find number of days lett and number of leap years in entire service (Add one day for each leap year)
  • If the total number of remaining days plus an extra day for each leap year in the entire service is 30 days or more, it can be considered as an additional month.
  • Calculation of the period of additions to qualifying service, non qualifying service, if any, also shall be calculated applying the same principle above. 

Rounding of Service

  • Fraction of a year, if any, in the service will be rounded to the nearest completed year, i.e., fractions less than half year, will be ignored and half year and above rounded to the next completed year. [Rule 57, KSR Part II, 5th Amendment 2020]
  • Period of nine calendar months and above would be treated as a completed year.
  • 9 Years and one day or more days will be rounded as 10 years for minimum pension  and 29 Years and one day or more will be rounded to 30 Years for Maximum Pension [Rule 57]
  • For the calculation of maximum death-cum-retirement gratuity, 32 years and one day will be rounded to 33 years.