Special Casual Leave to Physically Handicapped Employees [Rule 16 & 16A, Sec II, Appendix VII]

  • Disabled State Government employees, shall be eligible for special casual leave for a maximum period of 15 days at a time (including the time spent in transit both ways) to attend Artificial Limb Centre and stay in hospital for replacement/treatment of their artificial limbs. Special casual leave under this rule may be granted on more than one occasion in a calendar year, if needed.[Rule 16, Sec II,Appendix VII]
  • All physically handicapped employees eligible to claim conveyance allowance shall be eligible for special casual leave for a maximum period of 15 days in a calendar year for treatment of illness connected with the physical handicap of the employee concerned in hospital or at residence on production of medical certificate to that effect from the authorised Medical Officers attending on them [Rule 16A, Sec II,Appendix VII]
  • The Special Casual Leave admissible above will be exclusive of intervening holidays [Circular No.01/2016/Fin Dated 08/01/2016]
  • The Special Casual Leave Period will not be reckoned as duty for the purpose of accrual of Earned Leave [ GO(P) No.17/2022/Fin Dated 15/02/2022]