Casual Leave [Appendix VII]

  • Casual Leave is not recognised as Leave and is not treated as absents from duty.
  • Maximum Casual leave in a callendar year is Twenty. Teaching Staff shall be eligible for casual leave for Fifteen days only. [2(i)]
  • Casual leave may be combined with Sundays and Other holidays subject to the maximum absence shall not exceeds Fifteen days at a stretch. [2(ii)]
  • Officers who put in less than one year service will be allowed casual leave @20 days subject to the discretion of the sanctioning authority [2(iii)]
  • Casual leave cannot ordinarily be taken in combination with any leave recognised by the rules, with joining time or with vacation. Heads of Departments may, however, sanction such combination in special cases, provided there is no evasion of rules, for instance, when an officer obliged to be absent owing to the prevalence of infectious disease in his residence and placed on special casual leave, himself contracts the illness and has to be granted regular leave in continuation [6]
  • A Casual Leave Register shall be maintained in every office in !Form No.19. When an Officer is transferred from one department/ office/section to another, the Controlling Officer of the former shall forward the extract of Casual Leave Register pertaining to the Officer, duly authenticated, to the latter. [4]

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