Increment [Rule 31]

  • An increment shall ordinarily be drawn as a matter of course unless it is withheld [Rule 31] 
  • An officer shall not be eligible for an increment unless he has acquired the obligatory departmental test qualifications, if any, prescribed [Note 1]
  • An Officer shall not be eligible to draw his first increment until he subscribes to State Life Insurance Scheme and Group Insurance Scheme as specified in Rule 22A and 22B respectively.[Note 3]
  • An increment shall be granted from the first day of the month in which it falls due. [GD-1]
  • Increment accruing consequent on declaration of probation shall be drawn only with effect from the date of completion of probation but subsequent increment shall be drawn on the first day of the month in which they fall due [GD-2]
  • Maximum number of stagnation increments allowed will be five, out of which four will be annual and fifth one biennial, subject to the condition that maximum basic pay after adding stagnation increment shall not exceed the maximum of the master scale of Rs.1,20,000/- [GO(P).No.07/2016/Fin Dated 20/01/2016, Para-12]
  • Dies Non period shall be counted for the purposes of increment [Rule 14A Part-I]
  • The periods spent in training and on the journey to and from the place of training will be treated as duty for purposes of leave, increments and pension. [Rule 26 Note-I, Part-I, kSR]
  • All duty in a post on a time-scale counts for increments in that time-scale. [Rule 33(a)]
  • Periods of service in a post on a time-scale at the same stage of pay only will count for increment in that time-scale.[Rule 33, Ruling]
  • All leave except leave without allowances taken otherwise than on medical certificate and service on deputation count for increments in the time-scale applicable to a post in which an officer was officiating at the time he proceeded on leave or deputation and would have continued to officiate but for his proceeding on leave or deputation: [Rule 33(b)(2)]
  • Leave without allowances taken without production of medical certificate in continuation of maternity leave in accordance with the proviso to Rule 102 will count for increment. : [Rule 33(b)(2)]
  • Joining time counts for increments :-[Rule 33(c) Note-1]
  • The Government may grant a premature increment to an officer on a timescale of pay. [Rule 34] Good service entries and incentive awards are possible variants to advance increments for the recognition of meritorious service rendered by Government servants. [Rule 34(2)] *Advance increments for meritorious service may be granted to both Gazetted and non-Gazetted Officers. . [Rule 34(4)GD-3]

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