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Invalid Pension [Rule 42, Part III]

  • Granted to an employee who is suffering from a contagious disease, or physical or mental disability which interferes with the efficient discharge of his duties, after medical examination by a Medical Board with a view to ascertain whether he may be retired from service on invalid pension. [Rule 42(1)]
  • An invalid pension shall be granted to an employee who, having appeared on the directions of the Government / pension sanctioning authority under subrule (1) or on his own application, before a duly constituted Medical Board or Medical Officer is certified by such Medical Board or Medical Officer to be permanently incapacitated by a contagious disease or physical or mental disability or infirmity for the public service or for the particular branch of it to which he belongs.[Rule 42(2)]
  • The actual period of his qualifying service as on the intended date of invalidation shall be increased by a period of 5 years subject to the condition that the total qualifying service after allowing the weightage shall not exceed 30 years and the weightage shall not exceed the difference between the age of superannuation and the age at the date of invalidation. Fractions, if any in the qualifying service so arrived at shall be rounded to the nearest completed year, that is, fraction of less than half year shall be ignored and half year and above shall be rounded to the next completed year [Rule 42(3)


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