Income Tax Utility (Settings Simplified)
Tax Consultant unlimited version 6.00 for the Income Tax calculation and preparation of Income Tax Statement, Form 16, Form 10E and exporting of Annexure-II. This software can be used for ten Financial Years from 2016-17 onwards.
Pay Fixation Consultant Ver.3.30
Fixation of Pay as per 11th Pay Revision Commission Report - Updated Version
KWA Salary Assistant
Excel Utility for the Preparation of Salary Bill and Connected documents of KWA Employees
Water Analysis Assistant Ver 4.40
Water Analysis Result Printing and Exporting utility for Quality Control Laboratories in Kerala Water Authority

Extended Due Date of Income Tax Filing & Returns 

     The CBDT vide circular No.9/2021 dated 20/05/2021, extended the  time limit  of filing of various income Tax returns and statements to relief tax payers in view of severe covid19 pandemic. The actual date and extended due date of various income tax statement and returns as per the above circular is furnished below.

 Statement Type Actual Due Date  Extended Due Date 
 e-filing of Income Tax Return for the FY 2020-21 31/07/2021   30/09/2021
 TDS Return 4th Quarter for FY 2020-21  31/05/2021  30/06/2021
Issue of Form 16 15/06/2021 15/07/2021



Covid19 - Staff Restrictions Orders issued  dated 03-05-2021

Disaster Management Department issued two separate orders regarding additional restrictions to staffs attending ofiices due to Surge in COVID 19 cases. Vide Order GO(Rt)No.397/2021/DMD Dated 03/05/2021, ordered that all Central Government, State Government (including PSUs) and Private offices which are not coming under essential services, shall work only with a maximum of 25% staff strength. The rest of the Government/Private staff shall work from home or be utilised by respective District Collectors for Covid duty ,as the case may be .

Vide Order GO(Rt)No.394/2021/DMD Dated 03/05/2021, exempted the blind and other disabled persons from directly attending the office for duty owing to their dependence on touch and to some extent on human assistance while commuting in public transport until further orders. From among the above, the employees who are able to do work from home shall be allowed.


Deferred Salary repaid in cash From April 2021 onwards

Vide GO(P) No.43/2021/Fin Dated 26/02/2021, amendment issued to notification issued under GO(P) No.140/2020/Fin. dated 25/10/2020 by prepone the repayment of deferred salary as follows.

  • The deferred portion of pay and allowances of Govt Employees and Teachers would be repaid in five equal monthly instalments in cash from the salary of April 2021 onwards. 
  • In the case of pensioners and deceased (employees and teachers), deferred portion of pay and allowances would be paid in cash from 1st April, 2021 onwards, in lumpsum.
  • Employee pension contribution shall not be deducted from the repaid deferred portion of pay and allowances in respect of employees and teachers who come under the ambit of National pension System.

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പതിനൊന്നാം ശമ്പള പരിഷ്കരണ ഉത്തരവായി

10/02/2021 തിയ്യതിയിലെ GO(P) No.27/2021/Fin നമ്പർ ഉത്തരവ് പ്രകാരം സർക്കാർ ജീവനക്കാരുടെ ശമ്പളം 01/07/2019 പ്രാബല്യത്തിൽ പരിഷ്കരിച്ച്  ഉത്തരവായി. 2021 മാർച്ച് മാസത്തെ ശമ്പളം പുതിയ നിരക്കിൽ വാങ്ങാം. പുതുക്കിയ നിരക്കിലുള്ള വീട്ടു വാടക ബത്തയും മറ്റു അലവൻസുകൾക്കും 01/03/2021 മുതൽ പ്രാബല്യം.. 01/07/2019 പ്രാബല്യത്തിൽ വരുന്ന ശമ്പള പരിഷ്കരണത്തിൽ കുറഞ്ഞ ശമ്പളം 23000/- കൂടിയ ശമ്പളം 166800/-. ശമ്പള നിർണ്ണയത്തിന് സർവ്വീസ് വെയിറ്റേജ് ഇത്തവണയില്ല. ശമ്പള പരിഷ്കരണം മുഖനയുള്ള കുടിശ്ശിക നാലു ഗഡുക്കളായി പ്രൊവിഡൻറ് ഫണ്ടിൽ ലയിപ്പിക്കും. ശമ്പള പരിഷ്കരണ ഉത്തരവിലെ പ്രധാന മാറ്റങ്ങൾ 

  • ശമ്പള പരിഷ്കരണത്തിന് 01.07.2019 മുതല്‍ പ്രാബല്യം
  • കുറഞ്ഞ ശമ്പളം 23000 രുപ, കൂടിയ ശമ്പളം 166800 രൂപ
  • കുറഞ്ഞ ഇൻക്രിമെൻ്റ്  700 രൂപ കൂടിയ ഇൻക്രിമെൻ്റ്  3400 രൂപ
  • 83 സ്റ്റേജുള്ള മാസ്റ്റർ സ്കെയിലിലുള്ള 27 ശമ്പള സ്കെയിലുകൾ
  • വീട്ടു വാടക ബത്ത അടിസ്ഥാന ശമ്പളത്തിൻ്റെ ശതമാന നിരക്കിൽ.
  • സിറ്റി കോംബൻസേറ്ററി അലവൻസ് നിർത്തലാക്കി.
  • സമയബന്ധിത ഹയർ ഗ്രേഡ് ലഘൂകരിച്ചു. കൂടൂതൽ വിഭാഗങ്ങൾക്ക് ഒരു ഗ്രേഡ് കൂടുതൽ 
  • ഫിറ്റ് മെൻറ് ബെനഫിറ്റ് 10 ശതമാനം
  • സർവ്വീസ് വെയിറ്റേജ് ഇല്ല
  • ക്ഷാമബത്ത 01/01/2020 നു 4%, 01/07/2020 നു 7%  
  • ശമ്പള നിർണ്ണയ ചട്ടങ്ങൾ ലഘൂകരിച്ചു.
  • 01/07/2019 ലെ അടിസ്ഥാന ശമ്പളത്തെ 1.38 കൊണ്ടു  ഗുണിച്ച് പുതിയ സ്കെയിലിലെ  അടുത്ത സ്റ്റേജിൽ പുതുക്കിയ ശമ്പള നിർണ്ണയിക്കും.
  • ഓരോ സ്റ്റേജിലെയും പുതുക്കിയ ശമ്പളമറിയാൻ സ്റ്റേജ് ടു സ്റ്റേജ് ഫിക്സേഷൻ ടേബിൾ
  • ഓഫീസുകളിൽ ശമ്പള ഫിക്സേഷൻ ജോലി ഇല്ല..
  • സ്പാർക്ക് മുഖേന ഒറ്റ ദിവസം കൊണ്ട് മുഴുവൻ ജീവനക്കാരുടെയും ശമ്പളം പരിഷ്കരിക്കും.
  • അലവൻസുകളിൽ 10 ശതമാനം വർദ്ധനവ്

Dearness Allowance enhanced w.e.f 01/01/2019 - Order issued

      Vide GO(P)No.25/2021/Fin Dated 08/02/2021, revised Dearness Allowance to Govt Employees and Dearness Relief to Pensioners w.e.f 01/01/2019.Enhanced from the existing rate of 20% to 23% w.e.f 01/01/2019 , 28%, w.e.f  01/07/2019,  32%, w.e.f. 01/01/2020 and  36% and w.e.f. 01/07/2020. Enhanced rate of DA will be paid in cash from the salary for the month of March 2021 and arrears from January 2019 to February 2021 will be merged in the PF account.

Effect Date   DA % Total DA   Arrear From Arrear to  Withdrawal Date 
 01/01/2019  3  23  01/01/2019  28/02/2021  01/04/2023
 01/07/2019  5  28  01/07/2019  28/02/2021  01/09/2023
 01/01/2020  4  32  01/01/2020  28/02/2021  01/04/2024
 01/07/2020  4  36  01/07/2020  28/02/2021  01/09/2024

View Complete DA Chart


Reinstating Saturday as working Day w.e.f 16/01/2021

Vide Order GO(Ms)No.16/2021/GAD Dated 13/01/2021, all Saturdays except those declared as holidays, will be working days w.e.f 16/01/2021 to all  Offices of Govt /PSU/ Quasi Govt/ Autonomous Body.

Income tax deduction from Salaries during the FY 2020-21 -  Circular issued

      Deduction of Tax at Source - Income tax deduction from salaries during the financial year 2020-21 under section 192 of the Income Tax Act 1961.- Circular issued vide 79/2020/Fin Dated 11/12/2020. 

     From the FY 2020-21 onwards, the Assesses can opt New Tax Regime as per Section 115BAC or Continue in the Existing tax Regime. The employer is liable to deduct the TDS from the salaries of their employees according to the Tax regime opted by the employee. The new tax regime with lower rates was rolled out by the government, which will be optional, taxpayers will have to let go of exemptions. The decision has to be taken by the employee at the beginning of the Financial Year. There is no way to change the regime anytime during the financial year. The taxpayer has to wait until the beginning of the next FY to switch from the existing system or at the time of filing the Income Tax ReturnIn short, for the Financial Year 2020-21, the payer can opt to continue the existing Income Tax Regime or New Tax Regime to lower the tax rate. 

Read more on Income Tax Slab and Deductions for the FY 2020-21


Adhoc Arrangement for Paperless Salary for 08/2020, Onam Advance, Festival Allowance & Bonus

Vide GO(P) No.110/2020/Fin Dated 17/08/2020, extended the adhoc arrangement for paperless monthly salary claims through SPARK (including Aided Institutions) permitted vide GO(P)No.32/2020/Fin Dated 25/03/2020 for the month of 08/2020. Also permitted the DDO of all Departments (including aided Institutions) to follow the adhoc arrangement of paperless bill system for Festival Advance, Festival Allowance and Bonus Claims.

Paperless salary bill system implemented firstly in Finance and Treasury department on pilot basis from 10/2019 onward vide GO(P)No.135/2019/Fin Dated 04/10/2019, later extende to 15 more Departments vide GO(P)No.96/2020/Fin Dated 23/07/2020 and 40 more Departments vide GO(P)No.106/2020/Fin Dated 15/08/2020.

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Deferment of Salary of Central Govt Employees working under State Govt on Deputation - Clarification Circular

Vide Circular No.43/2020/Fin Dated 03/08/2020, Clarification issed that the deferment of Salary vide order GO(P) No.53/2020/Fin Dated 30/04/2020 is not applicable to Central Government Employees working under State Government on Deputation basis. Already deferred if any without the consent of the Central Govt. employee, shall be paid. Read the circular for details.

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Bonus/Festival Allowance, Onam Advance - 2020

Orders has been issued for Sanctioning Bonus/Special Festival Allowance and Onam Advance to Govt Employees and Persioners for the year 2020. Vide GO(P) No.107/2020/Fin Dated 15/08/2020, Sanctioned Bonus to Employees whose Gross Salary excluding HRA and other compensatory allowances, not exceed Rs.27360/- (new Scale) or Rs.26344/- (Old Scale) as on 30/03/2020. Those employees who are not eligible for Bonus , will get Special Festival Allowance @ 2750/-. As per Order GO(P)No.108/2020/Fin Dated 15/08/2020, Onam Advance sanctioned Rs.15000/- or in multiple of 1000 limited to 15000/- and the advance will be recovered in five eaqual installment from the salary of October 2020 onwards. Part-time Contingent Employees and CLR/NMR employees eligible for Onam Advance for 5000/-. Read the orders below for more details.

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Deferment of ELS Extended up to 15th September 2020

As a part of the economy measures adopted to tide over the Financial Constraints caused by the outbreak ov COVID-19 pandemic, Kerala Govt. vide G. O (P) No.42/2020/Fin. dated 16.04.2020, deferred the periodical surrender of Earned Leave by all categories of employees and teachers including those on temporary appointments except Last Grade Servants, Part-time Contingent Employees and Municipal Contingent Employees has deferred  for a period of three months w.e.f. 16/04/2020. Vide G.O.(P) No. 43/2020/Fin dated 17/04/2020, the deferment of Earned Leave surrender will be applicable to all employees of various Universities in Kerala, Grant in Aid Institutions, Autonomous Bodies, Statutory Undertakings, Welfare Boards, Apex Societies and Public Sector Undertakings. Now Vide GO(P)No.94/2020/Fin Dated 17-07-2020, Govt have extended the deferment of Surrender of earned leave  to further period up to 15th September 2020.

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Payment of Wages to Contractual/Daily Wages During Lock Down Period - Extended Order

Vide GO(P)No.75/2020/Fin Dated 08/06/2020 ,Govt. have issued extension oders for treating duty for Contractual/ Casual/ Daily Wage/ Outsourced Staff during lock douwn period due to COVID-19., for a further period up to 31/05/2020. From 01/06/2020, absence treated  as duty only for those having minimum 50% attendance. Those who have been absent 50% or more, will be paid wages for the attending duties only. Dowload the order from the link below for details.

Recovery of Loans & Advances - Temporarily exempted 

Vide GO(P)No.54/2020/Fin dated 01/05/2020, Govt issued orders for  exempting the recovery of Loans & Advances (Including GFP Advance Recovery) of Govt Employees and Teachers on request for the period from April-2020 to August-2020 and the total amount temporarily exempted  shall be recovered  in ten equal instalments from the salary of September-2020. The earlier order issued vide GO(P)No.50/2020/Fin dated 28/04/2020 has been cancelled.

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Deferment of ELS - Exempted for LGS -Orders Issued

Vide GO(P) No.49/2020/Fin dated 27/04/2020, excepted Last Grade Servants (including Office Attendants in Subordinate Services), Part-time Contingent Employees and Municipal Contingent Employees from the deferment of periodical surrender of Earned Leave for three months ordered vide GO(P) No.42/2020/Fin Dated 16/04/2020, with immediate effect. 

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Pay Revision 2014 - Payment of Arrears -Detailed  Instructions Issued

Vide Circular No. 46/2016/Fin Dated 19/05/2016, Government have issued detailed instructions on the payment of  pay revision arrears due from 01/07/2014 to 31/01/2016 as detailed below.

  1. All Drawing and Disbursing Officers should calculate month wise arrears of pay revision including surrender of earned leave of all employees for the period from 01.07.2014 to 31.01.2016 with interest from 01/02/2016 at the rate applicable to General Provident Fund as directed at para 46 of the GO read above in the proforma attached with this circular before 30.06.2016. Every employee will be served a copy of the statement of arrears due to him. The DDO should furnish a consolidated statement of pay revision arrears specifying the amount due on each instalment and the head of account from which salary is drawn before 31/07/2016 under his control to the head of the department.