Special Leave for Covid-19 (Stopped w.e.f 18/06/2023)

  • Introduced vide GO(Rt) No.1247/2020/GAD dated 20/03/2020. and stopped w.e.f 18/06/2023 vide GO(Rt) No.388/2023/GAD Dated 18/06/2023.
  • Special Leave for Covid-19 is allowed for 5 days (including intervening holidays) by producing certificate obtained from Health Department or Local Body [GO(Rt) No.634/2021/DMD Dated 15/09/2021 & GO(Rt) No.264/2022/DMD Dated 16/03/2022]
  • If Work from home facility available, Special leave for covid 19 not eligible. Seven days work from home sactioned in such cases. [GO(Rt) No.264/2022/DMD Dated 16/03/2022]
  • Special Casual leave for Quarantine period of Primary Contact is cancelled w.e.f 22/01/2022 [GO(Rt) No.70/2022/DMD dated 22/01/2022]
  • Special Casual leave sanctioned for Covid-19 is renamed as 'Special Leave for Covid-19'
  • The leave will be combined with Casual Leave and/or any other kind of leave due and admissible.
  • Permissible to allow Public Holidays or vacation to intervene between two kinds of leave. Public Holidays or vacation may be prefixed of suffixed to leave or both prefixed and suffixed.
  • Employees on leave without allowance under X11-A, XII-B, XII-C, Part I, Kerala Service Rule will not be eligible for this leave during the currency of or in continuation of LWA under those rules.
  • The period of Special Leave for Covid-19 will be treated as duty for probation as a special case.
  • The leave salary will be as under Rule 92 , Part I, Kerala Service Rule.

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