Half Pay Leave [Rule 83]

  • Half Pay leave admissible to permanent employee  in respect of each completed year of service is 20 days.[Rule 83]
  • The period of leave without allowances availed of under Appendix XIIA for taking up employment will be excluded in reckoning completed years of service for purposes of calculating half-pay leave.
  • Half Pay Leave may be availed of on private affairs or on medical certificate. [Rule 82]
  • Leave salary on half pay leave is generally half of pay and corresponding dearness allowance.[Rule 93]
  • Leave salary of Non-Gazetted Officer whose pay does not exceed Rs.50200/-[w.e.f 01/07/2019], shall be half pay and dearness allowance of full pay salay, subject to a minimum of sixty-five percent of the pay and dearness allowance while on duty.  The excess over the actual leave salary in such cases shall be termed as special leave allowance.  This shall be deemed to have come into force with effect from 1st July 2009 [Rule 93 Exception]
  • Hill Tract  Allowance, House Rent Allowance and City Compensatory Allowance admissible from time to time will be payable during periods  of all leave with allowances, if the total period  of such leave at a time does not exceed 180 days or if the actual duration of the leave exceeds 180 days for the first 180 days of such leave [Rule 93(iii)]

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