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Vide GO(P) No.97/2022/Fin Dated 26/08/2022, granted leave benefit to candidates appointed against supernumerary post under compassionate employment scheme.

Date 30-08-2022
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Sanctined Special Casual Leave for 15 days in a calandar year to Part-time Contingent Employees undergoing Dialysis vide Order GO(P) No.05/2022/P&ARD Dated 09/06/2022.

Date 09-08-2022
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Vide Order GO(P) No.54/2022/Fin Dated 20/05/2022, Clarification order issued regarding the period of Special Casual Leave under Appendix XII part I, KSR will not be reckoned as duty for the purpose of accrual of Earned Leave.

Date 23-05-2022
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Vide GO(P)No.10/2022/GAD Dated 28/03/2022, participation in Strike on 28/03/2022 and 29/03/2022 treated as Dies-non under rule 14A of Part I KSR. Pay withheld for participant from the salary of April 2022.

Date 28-03-2022
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Limited the number of days sanctioned as special leave for Covid 19  to Five days Vide Order GO(Rt) No.264/2022/DMD Dated 16/03/2022.

Date 19-03-2022
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Vide Order GO(P) No.17/2022/Fin Dated 15/02/2022, it is clarified that the Special Casual Leave Period under Section II, Appendix VII Part I, KSR will not be reckoned as duty for the purpose of accrual of Earned Leave.

Date 16-02-2022
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Maternity leave for 180 days sanctioned to supernumerary female employees appointed under compassionate employment scheme vide order No.GO(Ms)No.1/2022/P&ARD Dated 18/01/2022.

Date 21-01-2022
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Special Leave for Covid-19 - Clarification order dated 30/12/2021. Leave may be combined with other regular leave including Casual Leave and Treated as duty for Probation.

Date 31-12-2021
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Revised orders issued vide GO(Rt.)No.634/2021/DMD Dated 15/09/2021 for sactioning Special Casual leave on quarantine period in view of Covid 19 pandemic.

Date 17-09-2021
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Whether special casual leave period is deducted while counting duty in Earned Leave Calculation - Note by Adv Sreekumat T M

Date 25-05-2021
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Vide Circular No.1/2016/Fin dated 08/01/2016, clarified that the Special Casual leave of 15 days admissible for Handicapped Employees under Rule 16 and 16A , Section II, Appendix VII, Part I, KSR will be exclusive of intervening holidays.

Date 22-02-2021
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Special casual leave up to 15 days in a year to Physically Handicapped Govt. Employees vide Order GO(P) No.249/84/Fin Dated 09/05/1984.

Date 22-02-2021
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Vide GO(P) No.128/2016/Fin Dated 01/09/2016, clarified that, Surrender of Earned Leave once sanctioned will not be cancelled and the earned leave so debited will not be recredited to the leave account.

Date 22-02-2021
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Special Leave up to 90 days to the aggrieved female State Government Employees during the pendency of inquiry into complaints of sexual harassment vide GO(P) No.119/2017/Fin Dated 31/08/2017

Date 22-02-2021
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Vide GO(MS)No.46/2021/GAD Dated 09/02/2021, participation in Strike on 10/02/2021 treated as Dies-non

Date 09-02-2021
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Vide GO(P)No.21/2016/Fin Dated 07/02/2016, enhanced the Special Casual leave admissible under Rule 19, Section II, Appendix VII, Part I, KSRs to employees who undergo Organ Transplantation to maximum 90 days in a calendar year.

Date 06-01-2021
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Vide Order GO(P)No.2/2021/Fin Dated 04/01/2021, extended the benefit of Maternity Leave on full pay as per Rule 100, Part I, Kerala Service Rules upto a period of 180 days or till the expiry of the existing contract whichever is earlier to the Female Officers appointed on Contract basis, irrespective of the tenure of contract, subject to the condition that leave will not be admissible from a date before three weeks from the expected date of confinement certified by the Medical Officer.

Date 04-01-2021
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Guideline issued vide Circular No.83/2020/Fin Dated 30/12/2020 regarding sanction of Leave Without Allowance under Appendix XII A / XII B, Kerala Service, Part-I

Date 01-01-2021
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Vide GO(P)No.341/2014/Fin Dated 18/08/2014, Employee may be granted Special Casual Leave up to 15 days  in a calendar year w.e.f 18/08/2014 for the treatment of his children below 18 years of age, who undergo Chemotherapy  for the treatment of Cancer, Dialysis for the treatment of Kidney and Affected with HIV.

Date 27-10-2020
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Vide GO(P)No.116/2020/Fin Dated 23/08/2020, sanctioned Hysterectomy Leave for 45 Days to all Female Employees of Public Sector Undertakings where Kerala Service Rule not Applicabe.

Date 01-09-2020
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Vide Order GO(P)No.408/2009/Fin Dated 24/09/2009, enhanced the limit of 135 days in Note 5 to Rule 100 KSR Part I to 180 days to New Female Recruits through Public Service Commission.

Date 01-09-2020
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Enhancement of Maternity Leave under Rule 100, Part I Kerala Service Rule up to 180 days and Introduction of Hysterectomy Leave for 45 Days w.e.f 01/04/2009 vide GO(P)No.129/2009/Fin Dated 01/04/2009.

Date 01-09-2020
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Vide GO(P)No.271/2011/Fin Dated 27/06/2011, Officers who are appointed for limited periods other than appointed through employement exchange who are governed by leave rules under Appendix VIII KSR such as contract employees appointed as per rule 8, KSR and re-employed pensioners appointed as per rule 63 , Par I, KSR shall be eligible for Casual leave at the rate of one day for a month subject to maximum 12 days in year.

Date 19-08-2020
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Vide GO(P)No.651/2010/Fin Dated 01/12/2010, Provisional Employees who are appointed through employement exchange for a period of 180 days vide rule 9 (a) (i) of the General Rules of Part II, KS&SSR 1958 shall be eligible for Casual leave at the rate of one day for a month subject to maximum six days.

Date 19-08-2020
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Vide GO(P)No.78/2020/Fin Dated 10/06/2020, Govt have issued order sanctioning Paternity Leave for 10 days for all permanent male employees of Public Sector undertaking not following Kerala Service Rules w.e.f 10/06/2020
Date 12-06-2020
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Special Casual leave for 30 days has been santioned vide GO(P) No.153/2019/Fin dated 06/11/2019 to Government Employees who undergo angioplasty subject to the conditions under rule 19 section II, Appendix VII, Part I, Kerala Service Rule

Date 07-11-2019
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GO(P) No.170/2018/Fin Dated 05/11/2018, issued new directions for handling LWA application as per Appendix XII A and XII C of Kerala Service Rule Part I

Date 07-11-2019
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Vide GO(P)No.4/2011/Fin Dated 03/01/2011, Govt have enhanced the duration of absence of four month from the country for visiting children abroad  to a period not exceeding six month.

Date 10-10-2019
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Vide GO(P)No.418/2008/Fin Dated 16/09/2008, Govt have enhanced the duration of absence of one month from the country for visiting abroad for Personal/Private purpose to a period not exceeding four month.

Date 10-10-2019
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Vide GO(P)No.233/2008/Fin Dated 03/06/2008, Govt have clarified that, No need to obtain Govt sanction in the case of Private visit abroad on eligible leave including casual leave.

Date 10-10-2019
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Amendment in KSR Rule 86A vide GO(P)No.75/2007/Fin Dated 27/02/2007 - Notwithstanding anything contained in Rules 84, 86, 88 (ii) and 90, an officer not in permanent employ who has completed three years of continuos service shall be eligible for (i) commutted leave, (ii) earned leave and (iii) leave without allowances as would be admissible to him if he had held his post substantively

Date 01-09-2019
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GO(P)No.211/2014/Fin Dated 06/06/2014 - Enhancement of Special Casual leave to undergo chemotherapy/Radiation to employees in Public Sector Undertaking - Orders.

Date 19-06-2014
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GO(P)No.447/2013/Fin Dated 09/09/2013 - Enhanced Special Casual Leave from 45 days to six months to Undergo Chemotherapy/Radiation -Orders.

Date 19-06-2014
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GO(P)No.334/2011/Fin Dated 06/08/2011 - Guideline regarding Special Casual Leave for 45 days to Undergo Chemotherapy/Radiation and Kidney Transplantation - Guideline. Enhanced Leave days to Six Months vide GO(P)No.447/2013/Fin Dated 9/9/2013. Download latest file.

Date 19-06-2014
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GO(P)No.2010/2012/Fin dated 4/4/2012 - Public Sector Undertakings which follow Kerala Service Rules - Grant of Special Casual Leave upto 15 Days for the employed parents of physically/mentally challenged children -order.

Date 09-07-2012
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GO(P)No.333/2011/Fin Dated 6/8/2011 -Special Casual leave to Employed Parents of Physically/Mentally Challenged Children -Guide lines

Date 09-07-2012
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GO(P)No.342/2011/Fin Dated 11/08/2011 - Guidelines on Paternity Leave

Date 08-07-2012
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