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KS&SSR Amendment (Third) 2023 - Vide G.O. (P) No.17/2023/P&ARD dated 30/11/2023, in rule 3 inserted  "Provided that request for relinquishment of right for promotion/appointment by transfer to a post, under the above rule, shall not be allowed if such request for relinquishment is submitted by the employee on or after the date of order by which the person was promoted or appointed by transfer to the said post"

Date 04-12-2023
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KSR Amendment (2) 2023- Vide GO(P) No.58/2023/Fin Dated 14/06/2023, inserted new sub rule (c) under rule 26, KSR Part III as "(c) If a Government servant is removed from service on the reason that the officer proceeded on leave as per Appendix XII A,XII B and XII C of Part I of the KSR and failed to return after the expiry of leave, then he/she will not be eligible for compassionate allowance envisaged under Rule 5 of this rules even if he/she had more than 10 years of service to their credit on the date of removal".

Date 02-07-2023
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KSR Amendment 2022 (Second) - Vide G.O. (P) No. 123/ 2022/ Fin Dated 07/10/2022, amended Part I of the Kerala Service Rules, in Appendix VII, under the heading “Section III – Compensation Leave,” in condition (vii), after the words “admissible to,” the words “Gazetted officers and” shall be inserted. 

Date 15-10-2022
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KSR Amendment (one) 2022 vide orderGO(P) No.87/2022/Fin Dated 03/08/2022, the maximum period of leave without allowance during the entire service of an officer, to take up employment abroad or within the country and to join spouse was limited to five years w.e.f 05/11/2020.

Date 30-08-2022
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Vide G.O.(P) No.2/2022/P&ARD Dated 15/01/2022, issued Kerala State & Subordinate Service (Amendment) Rules 2022 for the amendment of Rule 13B, 27B in Part II of the Kerala State and Subordinate Services Rules, 1958,

Date 08-02-2022
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KSR Amendment (4) 2021 - issued vide G.O. (P) No. 144/2021/Fin dated 30/10/2021. Special casual leave not exceeding 30 days shall be granted in a calendar year to a Government employee for undergoing angioplasty, subject to the conditions specified in rule 19 w.e.f 06/11/2019.

Date 03-11-2021
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KSR Amendment (3) 2021 - issued vide G.O. (P) No. 143/2021/Fin dated 30/10/2021. The power to sanction leave without allowance upto 180 days has been delegated to the Heads of Departments and that of 120 days to the appointing authorities w.e.f 24/08/2017.

Date 03-11-2021
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Vide GO(P)No.62/2021/Fin Dated 12/04/2021, Modified Rule 59 Note 2 of KSR, Part III  as " This rule authorise a reduction of pension not less than the 50% of the minimum pension"

Date 16-04-2021
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Kerala Service Rules Amendment (XII) 2018- Amendment of Rule 59 of KSR, Part III vide GO(P) No.192/2018/Fin Dated 11/12/2018. Inserted sub rule (c) after Rule 59 (b) regarding the reduction of pension, if a pensioner is found guilty in any departmental or Judicial proceedings after retirement. Government reserve the right to withdraw pension completely or part thereof even if pensionary benefits were sanctioned.

Date 16-04-2021
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Vide GO(P)No.198/2018/Fin Dated 22/12/2018, Modified Rule 59 Note 2 of KSR, Part III  and inserted Note 3 regarding the reduction of pension, if a pensioner is found guilty in any departmental or Judicial proceedings after retirement. Government reserve the right to withdraw pension completely or part thereof even if pensionary benefits were sanctioned.

Date 16-04-2021
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Kerala Service Rules Amendment (V) 2020- Amendment of Rule 57, 64 & 65 of KSR, Part III vide GO(P) No.145/2020/Fin Dated 30/10/2020. Retained the rounding of  the length of service, fraction of a year, if any, in the service will be rounded to the nearest completed year, i.e., fractions less than half year, will be ignored and half year and above rounded to the next completed year:

Date 30-10-2020
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KSR Amendment (Second) 2016  vide GO(P)No.60/2016/Fin Dated 02/05/2016 - Employee may be granted Special Casual Leave up to 15 days in a calendar year for the treatment of his children below 18 years of age, who undergo Chemotherapy  for the treatment of Cancer, Dialysis for the treatment of Kidney and Affected with HIV.

Date 27-10-2020
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KSR Amendment (Fifth) 2014  vide GO(P)No.581/2014/Fin Dated 29/12/2014 - Enhanced Special Casual leave for  Employees who undergo Chemotherapy or Radiation up to Six month in a callender year.

Date 27-10-2020
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Kerala Service Rules Amendment (IV) 2020- Amendment of Rule 57, 64 & 65 of KSR, Part III vide GO(P) No.130/2020/Fin Dated 01/10/2020. While calculating the length of service, fraction of a year equal to three calendar months and above but less than nine calendar months wouldbe treated as half year and the period of nine calendar months and above would be treated as acompleted year.

Date 02-10-2020
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KSR Amendment vide Order GO(P)No.216/2012/Fin Dated 11/04/2012 - Enhancement of Maternity Leave to Female Employees to 180 Days.

Date 01-09-2020
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KSR Second Amendment -2017 Vide GO(P)No.73/2017 dated 22/05/2017, modified the monitory limit under rule 90A, 93, 103 and Appendix VII of Part -I Kerala Service Rule w.e.f 01/07/2014

Date 04-02-2020
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Vide GO(P)No.2/2014/P&ARD dated 08/01/2014, amendment has been issued in part I of KS&SSR, 1958, in clause (6) of rule 2; for sub clause (g)  that the period of paternity leave reckoned as duty for all purpose including probation w.e.f 26/02/2011

Date 10-12-2019
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KSR Amendment (Twelth) 2019  vide GO(P)No.165/2019/Fin Dated 27/11/2019 - The period of interruption in the service on account of participation in strike is treated as 'Dies-Non', count for pension as qualifying service.

Date 03-12-2019
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KSR Amendment (Ten) 2018  vide GO(P)No.102/2018/Fin Dated 03/07/2018 - Revised compensatory allowance deputed to training outside state w.e.f 07/03/2017

Date 07-11-2019
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KSR Amendment (Nine) 2018  vide GO(P)No.95/2018/Fin Dated 22/06/2018 - Service in the post of Temporary Munciff Magistrate reckoned for Pension as Qualifying Service w.e.f 01/01/1992

Date 07-11-2019
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KSR Amendment (Seven) 2018  vide GO(P)No.93/2018/Fin Dated 16/06/2018 - Prior service in Public Sector Undertaking, Autonomous Bodies or similar bodies constituted under companies act shall not be reconed for Pension and DCRG.

Date 07-11-2019
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KSR Amendment (Six) 2018  vide GO(P)No.92/2018/Fin Dated 16/06/2018 - Modified orders issued for granting pensionery benefits to children of deceases government servant/pensioner from void /voidable marriages.

Date 07-11-2019
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KSR Amendment (Five) 2018  vide GO(P)No.91/2018/Fin Dated 14/06/2018 - Modified orders issued for disbursement of DCRG and inclusion of members to legal heirs w.e.f  01/01/2016.

Date 07-11-2019
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KSR Amendment (Four) 2018  vide GO(P)No.90/2018/Fin Dated 14/06/2018 - The person eligible for receiving DCRG and Family Pension in the event of death of a govt. servant, is charged with the offence of murder of a govt. servant, his claim for receiving such amount shall be suspended.

Date 07-11-2019
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KSR Amendment (Two) 2018  vide GO(P)No.15/2018/Fin Dated 06/02/2018 - Special Casual leave for Anti rabic treatment reduced for the actual days of administration of ani-rabies vaccine.

Date 07-11-2019
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KSR Amendment (Eleventh) 2019  vide GO(P)No.127/2019/Fin Dated 19/09/2019 - Enhanced fee for Duplicate Pension Book to Rs.250/- w.e.f. 23/09/2016 as per Rule 134 part III, KSR

Date 20-10-2019
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KSR Amendment (Tenth) 2019 vide GO(P)No.126/2019/Fin Dated 18/09/2019 - Extraordinary pension  awarded to a Government official or his family who has been sick or injured or died while performing official duties as per the rules in Appendix - XIII under Chapter VI of Part III, Kerala Service Rules, has been withdrawn.

Date 20-10-2019
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KSR Amendment (Nineth) 2019  vide GO(P)No.125/2019/Fin Dated 06/09/2019. Modification of Form 2 and Form II part II KSR 29/06/2015.

Date 20-10-2019
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KSR Amendment (Eighth) 2019 Vide GO(P)No.123/2019/Fin Dated 06/09/2019. Change in Pay in the same scale of pay reckoned for calculating Death-cum-Retirement Gratuity and Family Pension

Date 20-10-2019
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KSR Amendment (Seventh) 2019 -Insertion of sub rule (d) in Rule 59 Part III vide Order GO(P)No.82/2019/Fin dated 09/07/2019. An employee who had committed offences while in service and against whom disciplinary action has not initiated while in service  or within the time limit stipulated under clause (ii) of sub-rule (b) of rule 3 and who had received pensionery benefits on the pretext of satisfacory service as per sub-rule (a) of this rule, action as per sub-rule (c) of this rule shall be initiated.

Date 20-10-2019
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KSR Amendment (sixth) 2019 -Vide GO(P)No.52/2019/Fin Dated 03/05/2019, Insertion of Rule 102C - Special leave up to 90 days connected to inquiry of Sexual harassment to the aggrieved female employees w.e.f 31/08/2017.

Date 20-10-2019
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KSR Amendment 2019 (Fifth Amendment) Vide GO(P)26/2019/Fin Dated 07/03/2019, Revison of DCRG Limit, Minimum Pension and other pensionery benefits w.e.f 01/07/2014 as per Pension Revision order GO(P) No.09/2016/Fin Dated 20/01/2016.

Date 20-10-2019
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KSR Amendment 2019 issued Vide GO(P)No.19/2019/Fin Dated 22/02/2019, while entering the details of advice memmo and appointment order, details as to whether the appointment is in merit quota or reservation quota shall be entered in the service book.

Date 19-10-2019
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KSR Amendment 2019 issued Vide GO(P)No.20/2019/Fin Dated 22/02/2019, the pension calculated at the time of retirement is less than fifty percent of the minimum of the revised scale of pay of the post from which they retired, fifty percent of the minimum of the revised scale of pay shall be ensured and that for retirees who are not eligible for full pension, the propotion of the full pension based on the length of service shall be ensured w.e.f. 01/07/2004. 

Date 19-10-2019
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KSR Amendment 2019 issued Vide GO(P)No.16/2019/Fin Dated 20/02/2019, the Family Pension / Death-Cum-Retirement Gratuity / Share of Death-Cum-Retirement Gratuity due to the minor children of deceased Govt Employee as per the provisions of Part III KSR shall be payable to their grand parent on production of de-facto guardianship certificate issued by the District Collector / Tahasildar

Date 19-10-2019
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KSR Amendment 2019 issued Vide GO(P)No.18/2019/Fin Dated 20/02/2019, the income criteria for family pension shall not be applicable to in the case of divorced disabled daughter and widowed disabled daughter w.e.f. 26/07/2016 and also omitted the word 'unmarried' occuring in condition (1) to sub rule (7) of Rule 90 Part III KSR w.e.f. 18/04/2012.

Date 19-10-2019
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KSR Amendment 2017 issued Vide GO(P)No.88/2017/Fin Dated 11/07/2017, the rate of charge allowance has been reduced to 4% for full additional duty and 2% for discharging current duties w.e.f 01/02/2016

Date 18-10-2019
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KSR Fifth Amendment 2017 on Rule 28A part I  vide GO(P) No.130/2017/Fin dated 12/10/2017

Date 18-10-2019
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