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Covid Special Casual Leave sanctioned to Kerala Govt. Employees cancelled w.e.f 18/06/2023 vide order GO(Rt) No.388/2023/GAD dated 18/06/2023.

Date 22-01-2024
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Kerala Water Authority - Direction has been issued to cancel all working arrangement vide order No. KWA/JB/E6A(EST)/11273/18 dated 05/11/2020 and 19/05/2021.

Date 16-08-2023
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Vide No.KWA/JB/E1/9625/2013 Dated 03/11/2017, issued order regarding Overtime Wages for extra duty for regular operating staff of Kerala Water Authority, limited to 4 days in a month w.e.f 01/10/2017 onwards.

Date 16-08-2023
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Kerala Water Authority - Regularisation of Provisional Appointment of Lascar in Kerala Water Authority through Public Service Commission vide order No.1262/E8/2020/KWA Dated 22/12/2022.

Date 28-12-2022
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Kerala Water Authority - Directions issed vide circular No.9960/F10 (GPF)/2021/KWA Dated 14/06/2022 to update credit card upto 31/03/2022 for the implementation of Govt Aided Institution's PF Software (GAINPF).

Date 18-06-2022
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Kerala Water Authority - Roll out of PRICE 3.0 in KWA - General Instructions to all users issued vide Circular No.10636/AE 15/2022/KWA Dated 14/06/2022.

Date 18-06-2022
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Kerala Water Authority - Sanctioned post of all categories of staff - revised order vide No.10567/E1/2022/KWA Dated 30/04/2022.

Date 01-05-2022
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Kerala Water Authority - Circular vide No.6730/E1/2020/KWA Dated 05/03/2022 regarding online submission of confidential report through GSCORE Portal.

Date 09-03-2022
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Kerala Water Authority - Recovery of Income tax from Pension for the Financial Year 2021-2022- Assessment year 2022-2023 - Deduction of Tax at Source - Section 192 of the Income Tax Act - Circular No.18264/PDC 5/2020/KWA dated 27/01/2022.

Date 02-02-2022
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Kerala Water Authority - Online submission of individual confidential report - Directions issued vide circular No.6730/E1/2020/KWA Dated 17/01/2022.

Date 17-01-2022
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Kerala Water Authority - Implementation of e-Governance in Kerala Water Authority - Direction issued vide circular No.12662/PA TO MD/2021/KWA Dated 10/01/2022.

Date 17-01-2022
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Kerala Water Authority - Due date for completting internal adalat procedures for waiving water charge arrears of unidentified connection is extended to 31/10/2021 vide order No.5585/AO(RMC)/2021/KWA Dated 21/10/2021.

Date 23-10-2021
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Kerala Water Authority - Revision of imprest amount amount of Assistant Engineer from 500/- to 5000/- vide Order No.KWA/HO/WN/33/97(A) Dated 15/09/2012.

Date 27-09-2021
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Kerala Water Authority - Temporarily Degrading of  16 vacant post of Surveyor Grade-I as Surveyor Grade-II for making PSC appointment vide order No.9351/E1/2021/KWA Dated 14/09/2021.

Date 17-09-2021
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Kerala Water Authority - Adopting web based applications based on GSPARK data base - Nominating officers for the implementation applications in Kerala Water Authority - Orders issued vide No.6730/E1/2020/KWA dated 13/09/2021.

Date 14-09-2021
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Kerala Water Authority - Norms of Operating staff - minimum requirement vide Letter No.KWA/HO/E5(A)/5179/94 Dated 29/11/1995.

Date 14-09-2021
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Kerala Water Authority - General Transfer 2021-22 - Relieving guideline issued vide order No.1544/E1/2021/KWA Dated 06/09/2021.

Date 14-09-2021
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Kerala Water Authority - Degraded the vacant 92 post of U D Clerk to L D Clerk for reporting vacancy to Kerala Public Service Commission vide order No.9351/E1/2021/KWA Dated 02/08/2021.

Date 03-08-2021
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Kerala Water Authority - Vide Circular No.7838/E1/2021/KWA dated 24/05/2021, guidelines issued for the working of office and staff arrangement in view of severe Covid19 pandemic.

Date 25-05-2021
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Kerala Water Authority - Shifting of Posts of Operator to Head Office for Strengthening Virtual IT Cadre and ElectricalShifting of Posts to Head Office for Strengthening Virtual IT Cadre and ElectricalWing - Orders issued vide No.16150/E5/2020/KWA dated 20/05/2021.

Date 23-05-2021
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Kerala Water Authority - Cancellation of Working arrangements - Direction issued vide Lr No.KWA/JB/E6A(EST)/11273/18 dated 19/05/2021.

Date 23-05-2021
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Kerala Water Authority - Guidelines issued vide circular No.6872/F4(FUNDS)/2020/KWA dated 30/04/2021 regarding the Disbursement of deferred salary in lumpsum.

Date 03-05-2021
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Kerala Water Authority - Group Health Insurance Scheme for the Employees of Kerala Water Authority for the year 2021-22 –Details called vide circular No.791/E11/2021/KWA dated 28/04/2021.

Date 03-05-2021
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